Japanese cuisine at Pho Da NangDu air outside noisy, bustling but entering a Japanese restaurant, you will feel a quiet space, relaxed, like all the uproar rid of streets.
Do not know since when, Nguyen Chi Thanh street became the destination for many Japanese people who are living and working in Da Nang. The reason is simple because this route has many Japanese restaurants to satisfy the pleasure of those who love Japanese food culture. Behind the sliding door space is characterized Japanese cuisine that any visitor of the land of cherry blossoms have come and feel like you are in your own home.


Located at the address modest 122 Nguyen Chi Thanh, Kitaguni restaurant is one of the first Japanese restaurant in Da Nang. Before that, he shouted Ha, restaurant owner, has had time to study and work in Japan 6-7 years. Then because of passion, love Japanese cuisine, to bring the country’s unique cherry blossoms in Vietnam, so he opened a Japanese restaurant in Da Nang 2nd place (he had just opened a restaurant in Hanoi).
At first, the restaurant mainly serves Japanese Westerners do not much in Danang, Vietnam to the Japanese eat less, but because of his passion Ha tried to maintain the consistent number of visitors so far have stable. Ms. La Bar, restaurant manager said, the menu is sushi, sashimi (raw seafood of all kinds eat with mustard), Japanese pancakes …, restaurant patrons are Japanese people living and working in Da Nang. “Many restaurants were closed yesterday but food customer called late, we still bring enthusiasm to take place because this is the position of the bar patrons. Having such thoughtful keep his new patrons Circle” Only registered share.
Meanwhile, a newly opened almost 1 year now but Banjiro restaurants (23 Nguyen Chi Thanh) has become a familiar destination for many Japanese in Da Nang. According to Mr. Chen Jen Chun, chef cum restaurant manager, the coastal city of Da Nang is a variety of fresh seafood, facilitate the processing of sushi, barbecue, pasta. He also added that the restaurant always uses fresh ingredients, tasty as well as using subtle spices to not only improve the quality of food but also keeps the characteristic flavor of Japanese cuisine.
Along with Japanese tourists, many Vietnam also enjoyed the sushi rolls, sushi and noodles grasp characteristic of Japan … Banjiro restaurant owner said: “The reason for the restaurant’s name because I want to connect the Banjiro Journal of a Japanese businessman named Banjiro been to and working in Vietnam. We want his footsteps, bringing Japanese culture to Da Nang with the desire to enhance the friendship of the two countries, creating the association “friendship” through the food plots on how many friends visit this world. ”
Also Kitaguni, Banjiro there are other restaurants like: Kachou Fugetsu, Irohanihaheto, Tsukuhi, Fukouka, Da Nang Sushi Bar, Umi, Sumo … No appointment that met nearly 10 Japanese restaurants gathered on Nguyen Chi Thanh street, meet needs of the Japanese people living in Da Nang. A regular guest of Banjiro said: “In Da Nang has many Japanese restaurants, the food and the decor of this restaurant is to create space close very own cozy country cherry blossoms. At the heart of Da Nang city which sits as major as being in his homeland “.

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